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Recent Additions

Little Barford (Cambridgeshire)

The Late Mary Curtis Webb (revised)

A Trio of Tympana (Cambridgeshire)

Temple Balsall (Warwickshire)

Minster in Thanet (Kent)

Marown Old Church + St Patrick’s Chair and The Braaid (Isle of Man)

A Dawdle in Derbyshire (Six Churches)

Hexham Abbey (Northumberland)

Wakerley (Northants) - revised


Castor: St Kyneburgha

Ickleton: St Mary Magdalene

Access: 4                                        Findability: 2              

Access: 3                                   Findability: 2            

Wittering: All Saints

Barnack: St John the Baptist

Access: 2                                          Findability:   1             

Great Paxton: Holy Trinity

Access: 2A                                        Findability:   1             

Swaffham Prior: St Andrew and SS Julitta & Cyriac

Access: 3                                        Findability:   2            

Access: 3                                       Findability: 2              

Fletton: St Margaret

Access: 3                                      Findability: 1              

Little Barford Web001

Little Barford: St Denis

Access: 4                                     Findability: 1              

Stow Longa Web001
Covington Web002 Little Paxton Web Web001
Little Gidding Web019

Little Gidding: St John the Evangelist

A Trio of Tympana

  Access: 3   Findability: 2

Little Paxton

St James


St Margaret

Stow Longa

St Botolph

Access: 3                                     Findability: 1              

  Access: 4 = Probably Open All Reasonable Times  3 = Free Access When Visited  2 = Accessed via Keyholder (A = Keyolder Attended)  1 = Accessed at 2nd Attempt 

  Findability: 3 = Major Sign-posted Church    2 = Easy to find   1 = Hard to find. Do your homework before visiting.

  For more details click here.Access and  Information. For contact details for individual churches visit