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Warkworth (Northumberland)

Stone (Buckinghamshire)

Dinton (Buckinghamshire)

Shere (Surrey)

Sibthorpe (Nottinghamshire)

The Back Road to Brant (Lincolnshire)

Hawton (Nottinghamshire)

Compton (Surrey)

Little Gidding (Cambridgeshire)

Little Barford (Cambridgeshire)

A Trio of Tympana (Cambridgeshire)

Temple Balsall (Warwickshire)

Marown (Isle of Man)


Bridekirk: St Bridget

Dearham: St Mungo

Access: 3                                       Findability: 2             

Access: 2A                                      Findability: 1             

Ninekirks (Brougham): St Ninian

Tebay: St James

Access: 4                                      Findability: 1             

Access: 4                                     Findability: 2             

Wreay Web023

A Cumbrian Miscellany

Wreay: St Mary

Rusland: St Paul                                                 Access: 4  Findability: 1

Access: 4                                     Findability: 2             

Bolton: All Saints                                                Access: 3  Findability: 2

Long Marton: SS Margaret & James               Access: 3  Findability: 2

Barton: St Michael                                              Access: 4 Findability: 2

Bassenthwaite Web001 Bewcastle_web (49)

Bassenthwaite: St Bega

Bewcastle: St Cuthbert

Access: 3                                      Findability: 1             

Access: 3                                     Findability: 2             

Burgh-by-Sands Web001
Bowness-on-Solway Web012 Kirkbride Web001 Newton Arlosh Web001
Holm Cultram Web001 Aikton Web009
Kirkbampton Web001

A Saunter by the Solway

All of these Churches:  Access: 3                         Findability: 2            

Burgh-by-Sands: St Michael

Newton Arlosh: St John

Aikton: St Andrew

Bowness-on-Solway: St Michael

Holm Cultram Abbey

Kirkbampton: St Peter

Kirkbride: St Bride



Crosscanonby Web

Crosscanonby: St John

Access: 2A                                      Findability: 2             

  Access: 4 = Probably Open All Reasonable Times  3 = Free Access When Visited  2 = Accessed via Keyholder (A = Keyolder Attended)  1 = Accessed at 2nd Attempt 

  Findability: 3 = Major Sign-posted Church    2 = Easy to find   1 = Hard to find. Do your homework before visiting.

  For more details click here.Access and  Information. For contact details for individual churches visit

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