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Recent Additions

Hexham Abbey (Northumberland)

Wakerley (Northants) - revised

Bewcastle    (Cumbria)

Romsey Abbey (Hampshire

Heckington (Lincolnshire)

Devizes (Wiltshire)

Colyton (Devon)

Stoke sub Hamdon (Somerset)

The Herefordshire School of Romanesque Church Sculpture

Castle Frome (Herefordshire)

Ottery St Mary (Devon)


Rothwell: Holy Trinity

Access: 3                               Findability: 2           

Wakerley: St John the Baptist

Brixworth: All Saints

Access: 4                                  Findability: 3           

West Haddon: All Saints

Access: 3                                Findability: 2           

Access: 3                                  Findability: 2           

Crick: St Margaret of Antioch

Access: 3                               Findability: 2           

Apologies for the grim photograph!

Harpole: All Saints

Access: 4                               Findability: 2           

Wansford: St Mary the Virgin

Nassington: St Mary and All Saints

Access: 3                               Findability: 2           

Access: 3                               Findability: 2           

Northamptonshire Fonts and Plato’s Cosmos: Braybrooke, Thornby, Aston-le-Walls

Braybrooke:    Access 2  Findability 2 (Appointment Necessary)      Thornby: Access 2  Findability 2 (Appointment Necessary)                                        Aston-le-Walls: Access 4   Findability 2

Barton Seagrave: St Botolph

Access: 2A                              Findability: 2           

Brigstock Web032

Brigstock: St Andrew

Access: 4                              Findability: 2           

  Access: 4 = Probably Open All Reasonable Times  3 = Free Access When Visited  2 = Accessed via Keyholder (A = Keyolder Attended)  1 = Accessed at 2nd Attempt 

  Findability: 3 = Major Sign-posted Church    2 = Easy to find   1 = Hard to find. Do your homework before visiting.

  For more details click here.Access and  Information. For contact details for individual churches visit